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Fraggle Rock Ll Dm Article On Btl Empire

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This is the muppet-looking LL that runs one of the property pumping forums.

Another Mail article.

Another wierd tone.

'It’s a type of gambling — but with calculated risks.'

Calculated? SUrely you have to numerate for that?
'They focused on family homes in Dorset and High Wycombe, and flats in Basingstoke. '
Don't know High Wycombe. By Dorset, I would guess they mean greater b'mouth - In which case they are screwed.
By Basingstoke I guess they mean those crap-hole ex-company HQs near the railway which have been (cheaply)converted into flats and filled up with 'social-tenants' They are doubly screwed.
The article initially reads like a booster but it has so many little lines in it like:

'This has a name in investment terms — it’s called leveraging. Quite simply, it means that when prices are soaring your profits multiply, but when they fall your losses multiply.'

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There hasn't been a rush of money into the sector from pension withdrawals, so they're ramping.

Too little is being withdrawn and those withdrawing it are just too wise to their ponzi.

Hence DM et al are ramping to try to cover a busted flush.

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