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Land Reg Data

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I don't understand this document. Please see below. Do either of these dates relate to the actual MEW date? If so, if it was used to purchase another property do either dates confirm the date of purchase or simply record the day the money was released. I have sanitized the info. i.e the dates are fictitious etc

This is only part of the document


"1 A Conveyance of the freehold estate in the land in this title and other

land dated (insert date) (1) Joe Bloggs Ltd (Vendor) contains covenants

details of which are set out in the schedule of restrictive covenants


2 (20.9.2003) REGISTERED CHARGE dated 5 August 2003 to secure the

moneys including the further advances therein mentioned.

NOTE: The proprietor of this charge is obliged to make further advances

in accordance with the mortgage terms and conditions....

3 (20.09.2003) Proprietor: BANK A regn. No. 000000)


4 (20.9.2003) The Charge Certificate relating to the charge dated 5 August 2003 in favour of Bank A is retained in HM Land Registry (Section 63 blah blah blah)."

Thanks in advance

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Thanks RichM,

The text relates to a property I checked out. It was originally purchased before 2000, so does not appear on LR site but I can access more recent info. which suggests that the person remortgaged but I am trying to clarify what the actual dates refer to. I don't understand their significance. I am attempting to establish if either date relates to the MEW actually being released.



Can anyone else assist. Do we have any conveyancers, EA's, lawyers, bankers online?

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Can anyone else assist. Do we have any conveyancers, EA's, lawyers, bankers online?

I'm no conveyancer/EA/lawyer.. but I do have a copy of my LL's to compare with...

At the end of section C (Charges Register) there is the quote;

NOTE: The date at the beginning of an entry is the date on which the entry was

made in the Register.

So I guess the (20.9.2003) in your copy, is just when the document was updated, which maybe sometime after the "5 August 2003" date (in my LL's case the document was updated 5 months after the registered charge... which I would guess be far too long between agreeing to secure the advances and actually getting hand on the cash ).

So my best guess is "5 August 2003" would be the date the bank agreed to loan, and I assume they would register a change before handing over the money!

I've found an example from the Land Registry which explains a bit about the entries...but nothing new about the dates.

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