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Rightmove Bingo: ! House ! ( Sutton Coldfield )

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First rightmove bingo for a LOOOOOONG TIME


Happy days,

I've been keeping tabs on the west midlands and it looks to be dropping fast and hard now, it's £50K-£100K drops on some of the family homes.

Last year they were all putting their prices up ( on houses i've seen up for sale for 4 years ) and no end of s**t was selling ( to london buyers I guess ).

Times they are a changing.

The pre-election bubble/boom has well and truly sailed.

I love a game of rightmove bingo.

( for them that dont know, a right move bingo house is a rightmpove search wgere property bee shows 10 drops on one page, they used to be quite common in 2008/2009/2010 but haven't seen one for a long time, came close a couple of times this year already so I think this is confirmation the west midlands market is about to implode ).

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Yes, that's impressive! :D

Im expecting to see a lot more of it soon.

I used to see this a couple of times a month in 2009/2010.

Last year was class though, the agents spent all their time rasing the prices of stuff that was seeing sales fall through.

I really will love it when they are out of jobs and their precious government backed pyrmiad is lying in tatters

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Has HS2 changed path?

Perhaps another runway for some airport?

Or...the herd is spooked?

Whatever... I am sat here practising my smug face on the web cam and screen.

Getting quite good at it now.

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Oooooo, I like this game of Bingo.

Just given it a try for Weston-super-Mare for the last 3 days (bearing in mind one of those days is normally quiet for listings as it was a Sunday), and .....

:o can't recall seeing as many reductions and sales falling through for years...

5 sales fallen through...

12 price reductions...


And for Bridgend too....


13 price reductions, a lot under £150k, so it looks like some BTL'ers could be getting out of the game.

Are sellers realising the "spring bounce" selling period (the one that never really happened), is well and truly over?

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20 drops/fails from the first 30 today !!! that 67% !!!


Page 3 is 8 out of 10 !!!

Something is defintiely happening.

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