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I see tonigth's edition of HIGNFY had several digs at Gordon Brown - nice to see that some parts of the BBC still do political satire.

Shame though that the only criticism of Brown's policies on the Beeb come via a comedy show... but then it usually starts this way... especially as one of the guests was the Beeb's own political commentator... wonder if he will have the balls to start making similar criticisms of Brown in his political broadcasts?

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Yes I just watched this too - was fun to see them poke at tories too although it'll meant there'll be no guidance on who to vote for.

It'd be nice to see a push towards a party (LOL as long as its not tories or labour eh?)

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Its a shame we don't have spitting image any more - IMO they had a lot to do with the continual hacking away at the public's perceptions of the Tories during and post Maggie.

Either times are a lot duller or media types don't like flogging left leaning politicians.

Imagine the potential for a GB puppet or a TB one - and as for Mandy, Prescott and Blunkett!

Would hasten their end.

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