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So When Is The Mirror To Close?

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Given the Mirror has now been found guilty of widespread phone hacking that made the NoW look like a cottage industry, and there are over 100 further cases in the pipeline, when can we expect the Mirror to close? And when are the likes of Tom Watson going to stand up and say how disgusting they are?

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On the news today: they've set aside another 16 million, I think it was.

However allegedly, there may be "a thousand claims" in the wings.

I suspect we may have had the big profile and big pay-out ones, but there is still significant damage to be inflicted.

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Guest eight

Has Piers Morgan gone to jail? I read he used to tell people at parties how to hack peoples' phones quite brazenly.

"Hacking" is a bit of a misnomer in this case though, surely? This whole thing baffles me. Is anybody on the whole face of the planet interested in the contents of Hugh Grant's voicemails? If they are then they deserve to be put out of their misery.

(For Hugh Grant I was originally going to say Jude Law - I could picture his face but it took me a further ten minutes to remember his name. Presumably he needs his private life invading again so that we can be reminded who he is).

As for the shares thing, anybody who takes investment advice form the Daily Mirror might as well flush their money down the toilet.

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I'm also slightly struggling with the payouts.

"Hacking" a mobile phone (i.e. listening to unsecured voice mails) = £250,000 compensation.

Compare that to the sort of compensation you get from the criminal injuries compensation scheme, you'd have to be rendered a permanent quadriplegic to get that sort of money.

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The hacking thing is a bit of a isomerism as far as I know you dial the person's number (as you would do to pick up your voice mail) press * or something and then enter your voice mail pin 1234. The celebs had I assume not bothered to change the 1234 to something else and so bang you listen to their voice mail. Is that it or have I got it spectacularly wrong? So massive payout cos you didn't change the number and someone took advantage.

That exactly it.

I think the only case that merits a payout is the Milly Dowler case. Not the breach of trust, but the false hope it gave the parents.

So the one case that opened up the floodgates of luvvies who want a piece of the action is IMO the only one that warrants any cold hard cash.

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