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Couple Of Hours Out In Manchester Today

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Just general stuff... no great insight into wider economy here.. just couple of hours in Manchester.

Two girlies took me shopping today in Manchester. I've not been shopping there for.. a few years. Stopped at a bank in St Anns Square to pay some cash in; greeted inside by 3 good-looking smiling young people. I explained I wanted to pay some money in and a girl began to lead me to some machines ahead asking me if I knew how to use them. I said I would prefer to use a cashier (carrying a fat wad of £20s, being money repaid to me for someone's car repair), so she led me to the stairs for a cashier on first floor. Passed a table, and stopped to fill in paying-in-slip, where bank-advisor was questioning a guy who was applying to borrow £15,000 for a car.

Continued through St Anns Square, through the Royal Exchange Arcade. Stopped for a few moments to look at some expensive watches in a Pawn Brokers window and I disagreed with suggestion made to me such a watch could make a good investment for the future (liquidity illusion/asset chasing at high price, imo - I hope... else it really is going to be real reflation to hold and no hpc). Was being told about a number of shops which had closed in Manchester over the last few months. I didn't notice any thereabouts in the exchange... what empty store windows there may have been camouflaged with happy scene advertising). Also told me lot of places on King Street had closed although we didn't walk down that way.

(Later in places I could see yellow-coats at work on some buildings... know German Investment Firms and others been doing some big money real estate deals on offices in Manchester recent years, and just the other day too).

No sooner had we got onto the pedestrianised Market Street (next to Manchester Arndale Centre), this slight build guy (25 maybe, healthy looking, 5'7 ish) came pegging it towards us at such a fast speed. I was thinking like Donut in the pink armour here,

). Immediately suspected him a shoplifter on the run but I didn't try to intercept him as he whizzed past so close to me (tripping him could have killed him at that speed).

He dropped some gear ahead, including a pair of canvass shoes from the store that surely can't have had much of a ticket value. (If you're going to commit a crime, make it worth the risks imo). 2 slower running security guards running towards us moments later. They pulled up and one said to the other, "He's gone." (Elderly relative had been telling me the other week of a shoplifter pegging it past her in sleepier Cheadle village pursued by staff.)

On way out of Manchester later, stopped the car in a not-so-nice-area to go well know fast food place. 2 women with 2 young girls were upstairs. Manageress in discussion with them saying they wanted their money back as food was cold. Manageress gave them short-shrift, explaining they'd bought the food 15 minutes ago so will have cooled... didn't hear what one of the woman said to her, but Manageress responded with, "I'm not being spoken to in that way" and walked off.

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Manchester is a hole basically, people wouldn't pay so much to live in the nice bits otherwise.

King Street has been flagging for as long as I can remember and now the high end shops are heading to Spinningfields. At the other end of the spectrum, the old grotty part of town is now hipster central. Northern Quarter/NQ. The city is changing and the bits you know and are used to are falling behind. Change or die.

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