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Apologies if this has already been mentioned but Martin Lewis (who has posted here once or twice) has a money-saving TV series:


"Average Saving over the series: £8,700 per family

Make Me Rich is my brand new TV series. I'm very grateful to ITV for giving me my first opportunity to have a programme of my own. The idea is simple: I walk into a family/person’s home at 9am and have to save them as much money as possible by the end of the day, so they can fulfill their dream; whether that's to go on holiday, buy a new kitchen or be debt free."

Transmission Times:


The McNamees: Thur 8th Dec, 2:30pm

The Potts: Fri 9th Dec, 2:30pm

The Crosses: Mon 12th Dec, 2:30pm

The Walkers: Tues 13th Dec, 2:30pm

The Childs: Wed 14th Dec, 2:30pm

The Cochranes: Thurs 15th Dec, 2:30pm

The Vidlers: Fri 16th Dec, 2:30pm

The Silahs: Mon 19th Dec, 2:30pm

The Ryans: Tues 20th Dec, 2:30pm

The Norrises: Wed 21st Dec, 2:30pm

The Wheelers: Tues 27th Dec, 2:10pm

The Becques: Wed 28th Dec, 2:10pm

The Wadesons: Thurs 29th Dec, 2:10pm

The Claytons: Fri 30th Dec, 2.10pm



If you've seen it, was it any good?

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Starcrossed, thanks for reminding me. He was on some radio programme (not sure which, I'd guess Money Box on R4) a month or so and mentioned it... I'd completely forgotten about it since.

Haven't seen it, but the "one day" thing is a bit of a gimmick, and the scheduling (to me) implies it's a fun afternoon show.. so although I'll be setting the PVR for tomorrow, I'm not hopeful I'll watch all of them... I'll report back.

All I can say (at the moment) is "BBC bring back Alvin Hall..." :D

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As a HPC.co.uk reader, and keen follower of Martin Lewis over at MSE I wasn't that impressed with Fridays show. But IMO it's because the show has been dumbed down so much compared to articles found on his website.

The show come across to me as very dodgy powerpoint presentation, all the detials of how the savings come about or the benefits were skimmed over. Tho for uk mid afternoon TV viewing public the whole idea that it's possible to save such a large ammount, is the spark that might needed to keep them a float.

One thing I did did note was that the Potts had 18K worth of unsecured debt, while earning as a couple about 50k - about 6months worth of after tax earning, plus the mortgage. I note sure if it was mentioned towards the end of the program, but IMO that 8K saved a year should be used to pay of the debt, and the holiday comes once it's cleared - but this is against the whole "have it now" lifestyle the UK seems to have.

* sorry about spelling, poor grammer, and sentence structure, but I am drunk! :P

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