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90,000 New Yorkers Apply To Live In 55 Affordable Housing Units

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Gawker.com - 90,000 New Yorkers Apply to Live In Poor Door High-Rise

London's bad but that's a crazy number.

When it was announced last July that NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development approved a high-rise building with separate entrances for low-income and wealthy tenants, outrage dutifully followed. But now that applications for the building are open, the city’s housing problem appears to be worse than we thought.

The New York Times has an update on the famed Upper West Side high-rise, whose application window for the 55 affordable housing units closed Monday. The 55 apartments—whose tenants will not have access to the pool, gym, bowling alley, or private theater, and who will be treated like second-class citizens in their own city by being shuttled through a separate door in a “back alley”—received almost 90,000 applications. Non-rich people in New York are so desperate for affordable housing that they will seek it in any way that they can imagine.

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You missed this part:

"The units at Extell’s building are eligible to households with incomes of $30,240 to $50,340, with rents listed at $1,082 for a two-bedroom, $895 for a one-bedroom and $833 for a studio in a prime location by the Hudson River."

As I understand it, that's basically a home for life at that low, low rent, under NYC's rent control laws.

It's also right on the river, and under a mile from Central Park, in Manhattan.

So basically the equivalent of a two-bed flat on the Strand in London for £700/month, for the rest of your life. It's an asset worth maybe a million dollars, and it had massive publicity, of course it would get lots of applicants. Free money, basically.

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It's still crazy, because it's an arbitrary gift to a few lucky people. At least the priority seems to be people in work, though, rather than unemployed single mothers.

Better give social housing to Pret a Manger Poles, than the chavs who refused to do the work before them (although perhaps the system will turn the hungry young Poles into chavs in a generation or so).

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