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Rented Flat - Parking Space & No Inventory

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Hi all. Quick few questions for those in the know.

I moved into a new rented flat in January. It was advertised with off street parking which I value as quite important. What I didn't spot during the viewing though, is that there is no dropped kerb in front of the driveway. It turns out that everyone parks directly in front of the drive meaning you can't actually use the space, and have to park out on the street. I've tried talking to the neighbours etc but there are a few persistent offenders who seem to park there deliberately because it's a legal parking space. My fault for not spotting it during the viewing, but it seems a bit underhand to advertise it with off street parking, that you can't legitimately use. I am actually breaking the law by driving over the footway to access the drive. There's nothing in the tenancy AST documents relating to this, as it's all just generic stuff not relating to this flat specifically, but I have a copy of the online advert which advertised the flat in the first place. Advice from elsewhere is that I should either ask for a rent reduction due to the off street parking not being legal or accessible, or try to get the landlady to install a dropped kerb via the council at great expense. Something I am sure she will be keen to avoid!

Secondly - I have never received an inventory for the flat. It was an online agency, and I signed a document to say the place was in fair condition during the viewing, and was told an inventory was being prepared and would be emailed over - but three months later I haven't been sent it. I queried this with the landlady a while back, and she has just emailed to say she has just received a copy. Aren't I required to agree and then sign this before it becomes "the" inventory?. I'm just not sure what the lack of an inventory signed by me actually means.

Point to note - The flat is in fairly good condition and the landlady does seem like a nice lady. I'm happy here except for the parking issue which was one of the reasons I chose this place over others. I'm a decent tenant and not looking to cause issues for the landlady, but I really do need to be able to park off street without having to get buses everywhere because someone has blocked me in.

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I am no expert, but I would suggest that the advice you've had RE the parking space is spot on: demand (not ask for) a rent reduction based on false advertising, or altenratively the installation of a dropped kerb to make it nice and legal plus functional. If you can't actually use it, then it's more than a bit cheeky of them to advertise it as such and charge you a hefty premium for the priviledge (otherwise known as taking the absolute p!ss).

I wouldn't be overly worried about the itinerary if it's all in good condition. A bit slack on their part, but if you've not seen or signed anything, then you aren't legally bound to it. Ask your landlady to forward you a copy?

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AFAIK the inventory is for the landlord's benefit, not yours, so I wouldn't worry about it. Without it they can't claim you've messed up or lost or broken anything.

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