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Do Councillors Get Pensions?

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Whilst browsing the MCC constitution I came across the following:


12.1 All Members are entitled to access to the Local Government Pension
Scheme, made under section 7 of the Superannuation Act 1972.
12.2 Both the basic and special responsibility allowances shall be treated
as amounts in respect of which such pension is payable.

So they get a pension on the nearly 15k allowance they get?

The basic for 13/14 is 15,956

(job, number of cllrs, extra allowance, total)

1 Members not in receipt of special responsibility allowance 66 15,956 -
2 Opposition Lead Member on Finance 1 15,956 1,679 17,635
3 Deputy Chair of Licensing and Appeals Committee Deputy Chair of Planning and Highways Committee 2 15,956 3,358 19,314
4 Elected Member on Adoption Panel** 1 15,956 5,400 21,356
5 Deputy Leader Opposition, Assistant Executive Members, City Centre Spokesperson, Elected Member on Fostering Panel ** 10 15,956 6,706 22,662
6 Overview and Scrutiny Chairs, Chairs of Licensing and Appeals, and Planning and Highways Committees, Airport Group Board Member 9 15,956 10,066 26,022
7 Executive Members, Deputy Leader(s), Leader of Opposition 9 15,956 16,759 32,715
8 Leader 1 15,956 39,848 55,804


There's 11 people paid extra for Fostering/Adoption committees. Just how much fostering is going on in Manchester?

How much people got


The rules

The Scheme of Allowances and Expenses is set out in detail in Part 7 the Council's Constitution


P 439 if you want a look.

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It stopped in England on April 1st 2014. Prior to that, since about 2003, they have been able to qualify for local government pensions.

Councillors in Wales, NI and Scotland still get pensions.

I don't know how it works as Councillors claim expenses but, judging by some claims I have seen, they can claim an awful lot indeed if they are of such a mindset.

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They can probably pay into the Local Govt Pension Scheme and possible get an employers contribution based on their allowances. I think the employers element is 8 or 9%.

So if a Councillor gets an allowance totalling 15K then that would draw an employers contribution of about 1350. They would also be obliged to pay 6-7% of their own income.

The eventual pension would be based on the average income over the number of years paid in.

The Max would be a pension of 50% of average income over the employment term plus a lump sum of upto 1.5 times the annual average allowance (base don 40 years service.

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They can (or is that "could", TMT?) join LGPS.

While I don't agree with final salary pensions, the overall screw for being a councillor is pretty poor. £16k? My totally unqualified daughter is on almost that just to make tea and do the photocopying.

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