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Toyota Start Tokyo Trial Of I-Road, Electric 3-Wheeler Urban Car Share

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I think this is one of the best options for car sharing urban commuter vehicles so far. The tilting and what looks like rear wheel steering is great

Toyota to start Tokyo trial of i-Road , electric three-wheeler in green mobility push


Also in Grenoble France.


Shame the Tango 4 wheeler never took off


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Arrrgh! A little piece of me has just died. I felt it.

I thought the future was about flying cars and sex robots.... not reliant robins. Just cut my ball$ off and call me Felicity.

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That's a reverse trike. 2 wheels at the front, one at the back, nothing to do with delta trikes, like Robins & C5's

Although Delta trikes do have their successes @ 650 mph in 1970 :P (they just don't corner too well)

I think it was in the 60 -70s that someone put a single wheel on the back of a mini on a race track. It burnt everyone off & was banned . Reverse trikes handle & corner amazingly well .

I was talking to a friend who went to a classic car race recently , he saw a reverse trike morgan, go around every other classic 4 wheeler with ease.

Re: commuter cars, to counter congestion, there is no choice for the car to be thin (so you can get 2 of them in a single lane side by side) & short (so they can park end on to the kerb)

I'm sure Toyota can make a 4 wheel version, but i guess it will be heavier, slower, have less ev range & not handle as well.

After all, we are talking Toyota here. They did spent over a billion developing the Prius hybrid & sticking with it to become Japans best selling car, despite almost every journo slagging it off at the time.

The Prius family reached global cumulative sales of 4.8 million units by September 2014, representing 67.7% of the 7 million hybrids sold worldwide by Toyota Motor Company since 1997



I believe there are over 60 hybrid car models now.

Toyota are no fools (though recent hydrogen forays appear controversial ). A tilting car / motorcycle ev with rear wheel steering is a serious achievement, as anyone with vehicle engineering knowledge will respect.

How many hours in ever worsening traffic jams do people have to endure / waste before theyare forced to change to adopt alternatives ?

Edit: there is often talk of these micro commuters cars replacing the families 2nd car, but the hire element, may take it a step further.

Who knows, our obsession with car ownership may be undermined by the car credit "renting" trend we have at present.

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