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When Physics Lessons Go Wrong....

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Painful lesson: Physics teacher gets the chop after swinging axe into pupil's genitals during classroom 'experiment' that went awry

The nauseating footage, caught on camera phone somewhere in the USA, shows the well-built man lecturing a crowd of students before excitedly asking 'everybody ready?'. The teacher then orders the class to give him a count as he hoists the axe up and swings it directly into the unlucky teenager's crotch - causing him to squirm violently on the floor before the 17-second clip cuts out.

I mean what could possible go wrong with this....

I wonder what the risk assessment would look like?

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Instant sex change. It could catch on.

If it were a sex change it would become Female Genital Mutilation. And that's not allowed: you can only chop up males.

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I have no doubt many (most?) of the experiments I did/saw in science lessons at school would result in teacher/school being prosecuted these days!? Measuring momentum by shooting an air rifle (indoors!) at blocks on table top trolleys, dropping grape sized lumps of potassium metal into a bucket, etc etc.

I had a wonderful physics teacher when I was at school - apt to making lots of witty, and often thought provoking comments.

One that I remember to this day, which he did not claim for himself, was in how to distinguish between the three main sciences......

"If it smells it's chemistry, if it moves it's biology and if it doesn't work it's probably physics!"

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