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All Is Forgiven Mr. Brand

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His personality is a bit grating but at least he is doing something for the plebs unlike the other 39903482 other celebrities who are only care about themselves (Mylene Klass, Cheryl Cole etc).

Except he should have been banging on the door of every property speculator pre 2007 and asking them why they borrowed more than they could afford and that their lack of prudence had risked the entire financial system.

Or the door of the FSA and BoE who's job it was to monitor macro systemic risks and malpractice within the financial sector.

But as always it is much easier to blame the banks rather than the greedy and the incompetent. After all, the banks did pretty well out of it.. It must have been their fault.

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Even if he seems late to the party maybe his timing isn't that bad.

He's protesting when it's been proven that those running the economy don't have a clue (or at least manipulate things to line their own pockets).

Imagine what the criticism would have been like from the VIs if he'd been protesting the same stuff before the economic collapse and everything in the economy was being claimed to be hunky dory and a new paridgm etc.

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