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Reading Hpi Of 43% Over 5 Years Due To Crossrail

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Northern, jeez and you moan about Reading, talk about pot kettle black

How many times to we have to go over this, why would you catch a slow train into Paddington when you can do it in 26 minutes? You should really stop this giving the worst case scenario just to win your arguement. As for M4 being horrendous, now I know your a Northerner that is even pot kettle black......Mmmmmmm can't see M4 on there funnily enough, seems quite a Northern issue, wonder if thats because they have spent billions on infratructure in and around London/M25/M4 Corridor (apart from junction 15/16 of course)


Ten UK cities with congestion, and their worst "hotspots"

  1. London: M25 northbound between junctions 15 and 16
  2. Edinburgh: A720 westbound Edinburgh Bypass at Dreghorn Barracks
  3. Glasgow: Eastbound junction of the A8 Glasgow and Edinburgh Road with the M8
  4. Birmingham: Northbound junction of the A38 (M) with the M6
  5. Manchester: M60 northbound at junction 1 for the A6 Stockport
  6. Bristol: M5 southbound at junction 20 for Clevedon
  7. Leeds: Westbound M62 junction 26 with M606 junction 1
  8. Cardiff: A48 westbound at Riverside Park
  9. Bradford: From the A650 in the city centre to the A6038 Otley Road
  10. Belfast: A12 eastbound at the junction with the M2 and M3
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