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German Dax-30


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I only update myself on the state/levels of financial markets and indices sporadically. So if things move very fast I more than likely will miss the 'action' and see the end result 'after the event'.

I was only vaguely aware that the German index had been rising fast - presumably solely as a function of the equally rapid Euro depreciation?

That said, however, it is indeed to impressive to see such a 'vertical' move in a major stockmarket index - up 20-ish % since just January.

This rise seems to match the Euro decline so far. Thus the question, can one expect it the DAX rise to grind to a halt imminently? IF it does though it would seem 'unnatural' for it to then just stabilise and hang there at that level after a vertical move. One always expects such sharp 'ups' to be followed sooner rather than later by sharpish 'downs'.

Or will the ascent continue at a pedestrian pace to merely reflect the assumed ongoing flow of ECB QE ?

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