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Taking Mortgage From The Ea's Mortgage Advisor Increase Chances?

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Hello Forum,

If a buyer offers to take her mortgage from the EA's mortgage advisor, does she increase her chances of lower offer being accepted?

EAs' mortgage advisers get the mortgage fees and additional fees from insurance protection etc.

My guess is that these fee are good revenues for the EA firm?

If the buyer offers to use the EA's mortgage advisor, the EA will benefit unless EA's sellers are not interested whether their mortgage advisor colleagues sell one more mortgage?

Is there any other way to increase chances of lower offer being accepted by EA?


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The price excepted is down to the vendor 100%, once the EA knows your limit you are stuffed, as already mentioned above, the owner and the EA are fighting for the same thing

Keep the cards close to the chest,and be prepared to walk away

A land registry search on the property will cost under a fiver this will give you a very good idea how much equity the vendor has,if it`s very little the chance of a reduction is slim this is the same advantage as the EA is trying to gain over you

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The price excepted is down to the vendor 100%

I completely agree with that.

All estate agents care about is getting a sale and the commission from it, they can't force the seller to accept an offer that they wouldn't accept otherwise.

taking produces from the Estate agent won't increase your chances of getting an offer accepted however it will put you to the front of the new properties viewing queue.

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Personally I just say I already have an agreement in principle and I'll speak to their advisor after I've had an offer accepted.

Speaking to one of their advisors before then is naive (for the reasons mentioned above). A mistake which I unfortunately made when I first bought :(

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I am in process of buying house. I think i have got a good deal before the house price crashist go nuts. Its in nice area , well look after house close to my family and job.

I went looked at this house and i offered x amount and they did really want to me to come in to see there advisor and just had to keep saying no. around 4 times. I did really get feeling that it was plan to get few more 1000 out of me.

In the end i offered what i could afford and said thats it. They rejected the offer and week latter accepted the offer. They even had buyers incentive which i did not quality for as i did not use there advisor

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An EA is likely to suggest a vendor accepts the offer from the person using their FA, rather than someone else that is not as they are potentially going to make extra commission.

The agent has no interest in pushing up the price by a few extra grand as the extra commission for then at 1-2% is just not worth it.

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