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Bin Man In Wealthy Suburb Jailed For Starting Work Too Early

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A bin man has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for collecting rubbish too early.

Kevin McGill, who works for Waste Management Inc, pleaded guilty to violating an ordinance in Sandy Springs, a famously wealthy suburb 15 miles north of Atlanta, which bans collections prior to 7am.

Mr McGill reported to a local prison at 6pm yesterday after opting to serve his time on weekends so that he is still able to work and support his wife and two children.

Chief court prosecutor Bill Reilly said that early garbage collections are nuisance to residents who want to sleep and that his office had met with Waste Management, a company with a revenue of just under $14 billion in 2014, after previously punishing its employees for violating the ordinance.

The prosecutor said that the fines, which have been handed to the company before, “don’t seem to work” and that it was the right decision to punish McGill, who had only been on the route for three months, with jail time.

I wonder at what time he turned up to collect the rubbish?

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The refuse men come at 7PM for me - it is great generally as I can get out and get the food bags back in. It also means that the roads are not covered in waiting bin liners all day.

But on days off, after late nights, it is a right pain as the noise wakes you up.

I believe, in Germany, you can only cut your lawn at a given time on the weekend - it stops the electric hum of lawnmowers being a constant in the summer.

In the above case I wonder what level the guy who is going to jail is within the 14 billion turnover company - surely they should have put the CEO in jail?

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At least they tax property properly over there...got a >$1 million mansion...that'll be $30k in annual property taxes.


None of this £3.5 grand for a mansion in st georges hill that's 'worth' about the same as a welsh mining town that has to cumulatively pay millions.

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