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Cameron Bottles It - Too Scared To Debate Ed Milia

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Well, it appears Dave is too scared to debate Miliband and has FINALLY, after much Tory game playing, agreed only to take part in one debate with seven leaders.

In my view Cameron will have been advised to do this because he would otherwise be annihilated by Farage, in a four-way debate, and probably beaten by Miliband in a two-way debate.

I'm no fan of Ed Miliband, but he has consistently trumped Cameron at PMQs. Yesterdays PMQs was a masterclass on how a weak Tory PM cannot answer a simple question: "Will you debate me?"

Oh well. Another reason to not vote Tory.

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As you say, he 'debates' ed miliband pretty much every wednesday.

You're right. He's a little more worried about Farage.

Tories and Labour are just lucky their base, unlike the libdems, are not idealogue students who get all bruised when they are lied too. When the labour or tory base are lied to, as they have been for decades, just keep voting labour or tory.

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