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I Like To End The Day With A.....£650K Drop

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Agent changed: Added on 07/01/2014 by The John Shepherd Collection
Agents Location changed: Added on 07/01/2014 by Hockley Heath
Brief Description changed: A contemporary residence, occupying an outstanding location on the ridge at Ullenhall, and set amidst gardens, gardens and pasture and woodland extending to approximately 60 11.3 acres, with fine views over Warwickshire countryside. The unique property already offer spacious and versatile accommodation - howeve... however, for ...
Price changed: Guide Price £2,600,000 £1,950,000
Status changed: from 'null' to 'Available'
Initial entry found. "

Still, the Rightmove figures must have looked good that month.
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so, by the time you have built the planned 15k sq ft residence - with it's 11 acre garden, you are probably at £3.5m - £4m all in.

which isn't out of kilter with the area



Whether the area is in kilter with reality... well that is another question!

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Well spotted...it looks like a bungalow with planning permission to build a BIG house.

Got to admire their check.

Plus, that drop includes them keeping 50 acres of land for themselves.

don`t worry they will be keeping it all to themselves :lol:

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Oh the existing place isn't so bad.

I was looking at the Proposed New Build (Pic 13 of 14). SICK.

If you're going to knock it down... build a few smaller houses.

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