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M&s Ban The Word "christ"


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Dont those Bible thumpers have more pressing outrages at home? Ye olde foggy isle is a bit far to get worked up about.

Probably true that most Yanks could not find the UK on a map but then the internet knows no boundaries to outrage.and you dont need a degree in Geography to use it.

It will be interesting to see whether the story is picked up by the wider press now it is on the Daily Mail site where the story has already garnered over 500 comments.

Of course, M&S are merely the victims of a rather silly and poorly constructed obscenity and blasphemy filter being applied to a retail process where it probably is not necessary (how many people are likely to take Jesus name in vain with flowers). However, it is interesting to watch the way the outrage bus gets rolling. In some ways you have to feel a little sorry for the companies involved as they can not really win whatever they do. Nonetheless there is a certain entertainment value in watching these vain attempts by commercial firms to placate everyone in our PC crazed world flounder and there is a strange beauty in the way the inconsistencies inherent in very system designed to police everything causes it all to crumble to dust. It is ironic that the filters that are designed to stop people getting upset with M&S are the very thing that is causing their current problem.

Having had a quick play with the M&S site I note with some amazement that while it at will not allow one to send flowers - ' with love to our Brothers and Sisters in Christ' - it apparently is quite happy for them to be despatched with the message - 'Juden Raus' - attached. It really is quite bizarre

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In some ways you have to feel a little sorry for the companies involved as they can not really win whatever they do.

They just have to say 'it's none of our business'. As soon as they start censoring, they're suddenly taking responsibility, and should expect to be dragged over the coals by both sides.

Companies have to learn that they have more to lose by telling customers what they can and can't do than they have to lose by letting customers do what they want.

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