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Lots Of Private Tenants Waiting For Your Property.

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Just this weekend I was amazed at the amount of flyers from letting agents wanting to let the property I'm in. Were addressed to 'The home owner but my landlord is a subsidiary of a Housing Association and they do their own advertising and letting. I live in an area full of flats that are predominently rented out privately.

I actually received THREE flyers from Haart Two arrived Friday and one arrived yesterday. If they afford to post duplicates like this then I would hate to know how much they are charging Landlords and tenants for their services.

The number of tenants on their books fill me with woe. How many of them would have otherwise bought a home of their own if property prices were more reasonable? :unsure:

Coincidentally, I should be moving to another flat in a few weeks time. My landlord had 4 groups of potential tenants waiting to view on Friday alone (only 2 turned up, however). Flats in this part of Norwich, that I am now tired of, will let very quickly.

16493082158_24856d077f_n.jpgTenants wiaiting! by ProgRocker77, on Flickr

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They are selling no houses =0 pay, got to put food on the table some how ?

Trying to make it look like theres loads of pent up demand for BTL just before the great pension withdrawal,hoping to then solve the above problem ..two birds one stone ?

Perhaps theres a genuine lack of BTL in the area and i`m just cynical ?

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Call me a nitpicker, however I feel more than inclined to only focus on how tired you are of the are and ask a provocative question .

How many times have you been on the edge to just go nuts and give the rental a good thrashing before you go?

/for the sake of argument, suppose no tenant records exist and the deposit is minimal, hence could be sacrificed/

Got inspired to poke around with this sort of stuff due to facetious piece of writing I came across

While it can hardly suggest any sort of tendency arising, it is an indication to me that landlord unrest grows in recent years, however muffled up by legislation that obviously gives landlords the upper hand in various disputes.

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