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The American Dream No Time For Sleep In Service Sector, No Rest For The Working

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On the nights when she has just seven hours between shifts at a Taco Bell in Tampa, Fla., Shetara Brown drops off her three young children with her mother. After work, she catches a bus to her apartment, takes a shower to wash off the grease and sleeps three and a half hours before getting back on the bus to return to her job.

At Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, Ramsey Montanez struggles to stay alert on the mornings that he returns to his security guard station at 7 a.m., after wrapping up a 16-hour double shift at 11 p.m. the night before.

And on many Friday nights, Jeremy Little waits tables at a Perkins Restaurant & Bakery near Minneapolis and doesn’t climb into bed until 3 a.m. He returns by 10 a.m. for the breakfast rush, and sometimes feels so weary that he forgets to take rolls to some tables or to tell the chef whether customers wanted their steak medium rare.

“It makes me feel really tired,” Mr. Little said. “My body just aches.”

Employees are literally losing sleep as restaurants, retailers and many other businesses shrink the intervals between shifts and rely on smaller, leaner staffs to shave costs. These scheduling practices can take a toll on employees who have to squeeze commuting, family duties and sleep into fewer hours between shifts. The growing practice of the same workers closing the doors at night and returning to open them in the morning even has its own name: “clopening.”

All work and no sleep.... It's not like humans need sleep and these people are disposable once burnt out they can be replaced.

Still I'm sure all this is OK, what's the health and safety law like in the US? I'm guessing pretty weak?

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Meanwhile, elsewhere in the NY Times, we learn that the low pay tide is finally turning...


...who to believe!

Perhaps they just worked out that to improve profits the people who shop at walmart - like their employees - need to get paid a bit more. In addition the government food stamp program was cut last year, of which Walmart captures 18%, accounting for $13.5bn out of $76bn in 2013.



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One of the reasons the EU is useful - forced import of social democratic policies like the working time directive that the Tory c***s would love to do away with, when it would actually be to the benefit of the vast majoroity of the population if it was more rigidly enforced.

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