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Price Of Everything Value Of Nothing

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Even the f*cking Grauniad is poluting its articles with utterly irrelevant references to house prices! This article is actually worth a read but ffs, what does the price of their house have to do with anything?

In their first interview as a couple, sitting on a sofa in the sparsely furnished front room of the couple’s three-bedroom bungalow on the outskirts of the former mill town, bought three years ago for £140,000, Karen appears uncertain whether she was really ready to speak about her abuse. She is yet to report the alleged crime to the police.

edit:missed some words out

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As he's a politician the aim is probably more to make you think he's not a millionaire trougher.

I don't think he is millionaire (maybe a trougher for all I know).


The only thing in his bio that might have made him wealthy seems to have ended badly:

Danczuk continued to be a director and majority shareholder in Urban Visions Limited after he became an MP, but it went into liquidation in June 2011, and was wound up owing £222,000 to creditors, including £113,000 to HM Revenue and Customs.

The register of members interests doesn't show much either:


Whether or not you think MP's are paid too much, I don't think anyone is going to become a millionaire on that alone.

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Surely it's far more important that we find out whether Karen has an iPhone 6 or not, then we can decide her worth to society in a much more empirical way?

(Tongue firmly in cheek)

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Responding to the thread title rather than the contents, it describes every f***ing idiot making a decision in this country, every bit of sh1te ever built with no attempt (or only a token attempt) to make it look a bit better and so on. The fact that they'd even entertain the idea, let alone build it, utterly disgusts me.

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