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Computerised Government Finance Year Zero

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Ok, time for some crazy talk. So government computer projects always go wrong, because politicians think computers are magic, but in reality they can't deal with the mess of real life.

What about building a program from scratch that deal with every financial aspect of simplified/idealised government. A sort of "Sage" or "SAP" for the entire government.

There could be different parameters for wether you wanted lefty or tory policies etc.

Maybe it could be trialed in plces where nations have collapsed, Congo, Somalia, Afgahnistan. Ideally everything would be done by computer, (less human interaction = lass chance of getting suicide bombed), so you register your company and immediately it's reistered for tax etc.

To built either by university economic departments, or possibly Google (Booo! Hiss!)

Faintly plausible? Worst possible nightmare?

edit: i.e. governments are made compatible with computers, rather than trying to do it the other way round

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And why would any political party have an incentive to phase themselves out?

Its always about divide a conquer. Tell the people what they want. They try to make sense of too much information - try and vote not knowing their vote is often irrelevant because of the voting system and ultimately two parties keep handing eachpoeother power. That's how it shall alway work until there is a revolt. Then the cycle starts again with a new group of elected officials who succumb to power.

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