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Gigantic Purple Slug

Celebrity Faecal Donation Transpants

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Here's a list of what you need for a DIY at home operation:


Enema bag or bucket.

A heavy duty adhesive hook

A cheap blender or zip lock bag

Bristol Stool Chart

Diagram of colon

Kitchen strainer

Kitchen funnel

Distilled water

Sea salt (optional)

Silicon gloves if you are squeamish

Separate dishwashing utensils or a dishwasher

Personal lubricant or coconut oil

A big-brown towel or bath

Tissues Paper towels

Plastic bag

A large cushion (from a sofa is ideal)

A timer

Imodium (optional)

A flask of weak lemon drink

(Frankly, I would question the optional nature of the Immodium and I may have added the weak lemon drink myself)

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Diagram of colon ? So you need a map to tell you where your **** is ?

Sat nav will help!

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I wonder is this like a vital organ donation where it has to be really fresh or can they bung it in the freezer for a few days?

Also it it just like a tiny pea sized amount or are they shoving a whole turd up there with a broom handle?

The press always skim over these details for some reason!

I suppose I could google for it but thats probably a really bad idea, I'll be bombarded with online adverts for "******** turd exchange" for the next 6 months.

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Don't you mean shat nav?

That sounds like an Orthodox Jewish sect! :blink:

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