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Tony Hart, Artist And Inspiration For Children, Dies At 83

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The veteran children's television show presenter and artist Tony Hart died yesterday, aged 83. He had suffered from ill health, including two strokes in recent years, and died peacefully in the early hours of the morning, according to his agent.

Hart inspired generations of budding artists over his 50-year television career through programmes such as Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat, before retiring in 2001 due to ill health. His agent, Roc Renals, said his health had recently been in decline and he had been taken to hospital with a chest infection. He described Hart as a "kind man" who was single-minded in his dedication to his work.

"Tony inspired many thousands of young people to take up art. His ability to inspire was his greatest gift," he said. "He was always ready to communicate with the many people who wrote to him and gave his time very willingly. He loved his work and was totally dedicated to it, and was always able to come up with new ideas and techniques."

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I did love his shows though.

Oops. I just saw it on the new improved site and thought it was recent news!!! A total success for the guardian highlighting old news!!! I have no idea why they'd want to promote this.

Perhaps I should change the thread title to died over 6 years ago.

Need to make a mental note to post a thread in several years time about Rik Mayall dying along with Mel Smith (I was away when he died and it came as rather a shock watching a show remembering him one Christmas).

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It all started going wrong with processed foods and Magpie. Then came Glam and Jimmy. I've never recovered from the shock.

This might help a little

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