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Scientists Are Closing In On A Cure For Love, But Should They Go Ahead With It?

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At one point or another, all of us have probably felt like 'love', however we define it, is more trouble than it's worth. 'Love hurts' and 'heartache' are phrases most of us can relate to and a 'cure for love' was written about by Lucretius, Ovid and Shakespeare. But is love just a troublesome artifice we've created for ourselves, or a fundamental part of human existence, to be cherished even when it hurts us?

Advances in science might soon force us to face this question, as anti-love biotechnology would see feelings associated with love limited using medicine, with the concept being treated much like addiction or depression.

Neuro-ethicist Brian D. Earp thinks there's some truth to the old adage that 'love is a drug'.

"Recent brain studies show extensive parallels between the effects of certain addictive drugs and experiences of being in love," he told the New Scientist last year.

"Both activate the brain's reward system, can overwhelm us so that we forget about other things and can inspire withdrawal when they are no longer available. It seems it isn't just a cliché that love is like a drug: in terms of effects on the brain, they may be neurochemically equivalent."

So would anyone take a pill to avoid the emotional hassle of love? Are we moving to becoming Vulcans?

Is love worth it?

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The question is what kind of love are they talking about, and is the intervention able to discriminate?

There are a couple of times in my life when I'd loved an option like this. Nothing is more boring than unrequited love - both for you, and the target of your affections. Unrequited lust is extremely easy to deal with by comparison. Get rid of them both I say.

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