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Ologhai Jones

Finding Dividend Dates

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This is a quickie (I hope). I'd like to find out the dividend dates (ex-div and payment, past and future) for a couple of stocks (in fact, for stocks generally, but two for now).

I'm pretty sure I used to be able to see this sort of stuff on the Analysis > Fundamentals page for a particular stock on my online broker's site (or at least *somewhere*), but that page offers me almost no information now. (I have sent a support message to them to ask how to find this info, but they take 'five business days' to reply and I could do with finding out how to do it before then.)

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Google "Dividends" and the ticker symbol, e.g. "Dividends GSK" for Glaxo.

A number of websites will be listed. One of the best for historical and upcoming dividends is Stockopedia (but I've yet to discover how to get to their dividend history directly).

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Is that just for forthcoming dividend dates or is there any way to see past ones (even if only recent past)?

Most daily data providers give either the dividends or adjusted prices as you need them to correctly calculate returns from holding the asset. Yahoo give a nice simple list of dates and values for dividends (the ex-dividend date is obviously when you have to account for it). Just look at the historical prices and you can select dividends. This link should work for GSK.L


Google just gives adjusted prices which are less useful and you have to reverse out the dates and dividend amounts by comparing them to raw prices. There are many other free providers, and it shouldn't be too hard to find income adjustments for pretty much every exchange traded asset. If it's not clearly stated for an asset (or worse .. if it's a formula) then it is a very good sign you are being ripped off.

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Many financial sites show dividend history. I first saw it at Hargreaves Lansdown. Google shows it on their share price charts, if you select a period over which dividends have been paid, if you're prepared to faff about hovering over a "D" indicator to see the date and amount.

For the raw data, see the company statutory announcements at, for example, the stock exchange website or investegate (which I use to keep up to date).

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