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Kitchen Cabinets

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60cm base cabinets and 35cm wall cabinets are too deep. Ideal would be something like 32cm for bases and 28 for wall cabinets, so you can actually find what you are looking for.

All appliances are 60cm deep, and people like to keep them separarate, so the spaces in between need to be filled with 60cm cabinets, but it would be better to put them all together and have less deep cabinets on the other walls.

Also, melamine is useless, it stains, it's not particularly robust. And I hate chipboard. This is all really annoying, but not inconsequential enough to go on the inconsequential thread.

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60 cm is not too deep for a base unit. If anything, it's too shallow because it means that your work surface is only 60 cm wide and doesn't give you much area to spread out stuff you're working with. Good thing the EU is going to legislate on this next year and require all base units to meet the 65cm standard.

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What's the fetish with fitted cupboards anyway? A dresser too posh for you?

Never understood the obsession with fitted kitchens.

They are often obscenely expensive and hugely inflexible.

What is wrong with furniture you can move about.

My Mum has survived pefectly happily for decades with a couple of kitchen side boards and a free standing wall cupboard.

The only items in her kitchen tied to a particular spot are the gas cooker, the washing machine and the sink with its draining board

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