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Bloomberg Wtf Have They Done To The Site?

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Utter abortion.

Information content massively reduced in favour of 'space'.

I prefer the space to Doombergs content

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Speaking as someone who earns a living from making websites:

All the web agencies seem to have gone full-tilt for these responsive website with big fonts, Fisher Price graphics, and stupid little animations.

They look crap.

Technologies like custom fonts and responsive websites have only recently matured enough to go mainstream, and designers are adamant that they must be used everwhere. They're like kids on Christmas morning.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking that there must be good a business opportunity for a company selling clean websites that privileges content over space, with a more sensible-sized font, and no animations or auto-playing videos.

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Totally unuseable now - like the Guardian page. Consequently I've stopped visiting (though I didn't visit much really).

Completely silly design and will doubtless drive people away.

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Turned to utter crap, just like the Guardian. As someone with responsibility for website design at my place, no doubt I will now be getting buttonholed about making ours look as "smart" as these abominations. I blame Apple, Google and Microsoft for this trend towards ugly user-unfriendly flat graphics and horrible colour palettes everywhere.

Responsive design is actually a good thing - but I'm really not sure most designers get it judging by the results. Custom fonts, however, are the devil's work. Usually someone insists a print font must be used on-screen - no matter how inappropriate for consistency with brand guidelines (usually written by someone with no clue about on-screen design).

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touch screen friendly.


They are all adapting their sites to make them IPad friendly.

The problem is they are completely forgetting about the desktop/laptop PC users.

I guess in the meeja world they don't use laptops any more, they all have Ipads these days...

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