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What Is An Unknown Number On A Mobile?

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Due to cold callers and occasional silent calls I no longer answer my mobile unless I recognise the number as being that of a friend.

One friend of mine - who is austic and who thinks that people will not answer the phone to him - has made his number private and when he rings I get 'private number' listed. I simly do not answer these either, as more often than not it is some cold-caller rather that him, and wait to see whether a voicemail is left before I call him back. I had the Police call me yesterday and it had 'private number' also but they left a voicemail and I called back.

So, basically, if you see 'private number' crop up on your phone it means that the telephone company is with-holding the number at their end due to a request of the caller?

So what is the difference between 'private number' and 'unknown number' - why do some numbers crop up on my mobile as 'unknown'.

I have had a few 'unknown numbers' lately and have just ignored them but I decided to answer one or two recently and have said nothing upon answering - I get nothing from the other end and after 10 or 15 seconds later they hang up/line goes dead. Are these cold calling automated machines which are voice activated and hence, because I say nothing, they do not go into their blurb about selling me something?

Or is it just a nutjob ringing me up and because I say nothing they just listen and then put the phone down?

Why would some cold caller firms show up as 'prviate number' and some as 'unknown number' - if the number is not a private number how is it unknown?

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"Unknown" means that the number was not transmitted, but was not actively withheld (e.g. it came from an international number, but the foreign telephone company didn't have called ID forwarding set up on international calls), "private number" generally means that the number was withheld.

In reality, if you have a proper digital phone service, then you can choose what number to show, or if you don't want to show a number, you can choose either withheld or unknown.

Some phone services offer "anonymous call rejection" which will block incoming calls from withheld numbers - but it doesn't block unknown numbers, which could be due to incompatibilities between phone companies, or some technical limitation. However, increasingly, unknown is being sent by cold callers.

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They should have sent the message in a bottle.

ah, synchronicity!

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The boys in blue were very good.. I reported a sixth former who has been driving very fast around my area in his Yaris showing off to his mates, giving mates rides and driving so fast, in an area full of pensioners and near two schools, that I have seen his brakes and wheels smoking.

Saw him do this on three occasions, and I believe others reported the car but had not got the number, and on one occasion this week he accelerated towards me at high speed whilst I was cycling down a long straight road. I am an experienced cyclist and I felt a twinge of fear go through me - if he had lost control, hit a bump in the road, etc, and had struck me I would have been killed.

So I rang the boys in blue and they later rang me back to thank me for getting the number and to tell me that they had contacted the boy's father who was very unhappy. The dad has since taken the car keys away apparently and the boys in blue are going to read the riot act to the kid later this week.

It is for his own good as well as mine and other pedestrians. Only today the local paper is reporting the trial of another driver on Gower who was driving so fast that, when he lost control and hit a tree, 2 of his 3 passengers died.

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