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The Innocent Prophet

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Not exactly breaking news but I've checked and I don't believe this has been posted before. I have a fair to moderate understanding of Islam and it doesn't take a genius to realise the Koran plagiarised the Bible and Torah (and anything else that was handy).

This film caused a huge stink at the time and to their credit YouTube have refused to take it down. Last I heard was that the film maker was being deported from Spain to Pakistan. Not sure if that's happened or not ?

I liked the film other than the fact that the film maker has converted to Christianity and unfortunately that is rather obvious in parts.

I do recall seeing a TV documentary a few years ago in which several experts concluded that Mohamed didn't actually even exist. I will try to find this documentary when time permits. However, this film follows the same line i.e. that Arabs were particularly good at stealing from the Jews and Christians and decided that a new religion would make work somewhat easier.

Unless I missed it, The Innocent Prophet does not mention that the Koran states that Buddha and Jesus were Allah's first and apparently poor attempt at producing a Prophet. You really couldn't make it up.

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Doesn't Pat Condell (or someone like him) say something along the lines of 'congratulations if you're a muslim: you're only one religion away from atheism!' mocking how young it is.

I figure theyre all just additions to Judiasm. Jesus bought some more 'stuff' to add on top of the old testament. Then mohammed showed up a few hundred years on to add some more 'stuff'. Who knows...maybe in another 500 years people will be blowing stuff up because of how they interpret what Ron Hubbard said.

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or the prophet Pin.

What I say needs no interpreting! I am a pretty plain speaker. ;)

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Nowhere is the profit honoured more than in the City of London.

"other people's money"

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