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How The Giant Squid Gets Business?

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Goldmans 'duped Libya out of oil cash': Investment bank facing claims it duped officials into investing £800m by plying them with girls, parties and luxury trips

Goldman Sachs is facing a bruising High Court battle with Libya's giant sovereign wealth fund, set up in 2006 to invest the country's oil riches after economic sanctions were lifted.

Standard practice when you are after a million dollar contracts???

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You can't cheat an honest man.

Exactly. So they took advantage of a few degenerate Libyans.

Much like those golf ball finder bomb detector sellers.

Its not them that bother me...its the civil servants who spent hundreds of millions on golf ball detectors.

As buyers it is THEIR responsibility to make sure they are getting what is being marketed.

Of course, try jailing a civil servant. They are treated like gods, when in fact they are the biggest crooks of all.

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