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Extremism And So-Called Terrorism

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Pretty sure it's not just me, and I understand that pointing this out doesn't sell newspapers, but basically I just don't care about the news cycle narrative about extremism and terrorism. It seems to me that they don't affect my life in any way at all and if we allow the way we tell stories of ourselves to ourselves as a society to be dictated by the most nutty of the nutty then we're not going to have a clear-eyed view on the things that matter. Being invaded by Hitler's armed forces would be one thing for a nation state to confront as a collective. A couple of nutters with Cold War guns and weird ideas is some other bullsh!t. One is an existential threat to our way of life and the other is crap entertainment. Message ends.

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Maybe not now...but what in a few decades. It probably only takes a small minority to turn Pakistan or Iraq into barbaric hellholes. I look at what happens in Tower Hamlets (Rahman) or Bradford (respect) and listen to the hysterical superstituous nonsense these people come out with, and then remind myself they are democratically elected officials. Even these places don't have a muslim majority yet...is this really the future any of us non-believers want to see?

Its not a good foundation, to say the least. Do the establishment even know what extremism is. At once point they were supposedly going to go in and remove Tower Hamlets first. Still they seem concerned enough that they want to limit his powers.


Maybe its just me, i guess I grew up at a time Christianity ceased to be relevant and mary whitehouse was something of ridicule, and yet I was largely oblivious to Islam until 9/11, The very idea that someone might refuse to touch my bacon or beer at the supermarket check out seems absurd to me, living in the 21st century. This stuff offends them not because of any scientific reason. Just paranoia. And its every day. If you had told me 15 years ago that superstitious nonsense that ceased to be a fact of public life back in the 1800s or earlier had now come to the fore again, I would have laughed.

Maybe its the 24/7 coverage of the middle east, but It honestly feels like we're on the precipice of going back to the dark ages socially, culturally. And it scares me. It really does. Its all very well saying science and technology civilized people, but 90% of these terrorists are home grown. Exposed to rationality since birth. If anything, the mid east (esp Saudi) has also regressed in the face of modernity.

I try to be libertarian where I can. So I don't want headscarf banned, even if I think they are symbolic of men claiming ownership over women. I dont want mosques burnt to the ground, even if I think the only good thing to come out of them is some short term construction jobs. I dont want the Koran burned. Even if I think the evil in it far outweighs the good. I do want muslims to come into the 21st century and realise it is they who are victims of Islam, not we who are victims of logic and reason. Islam needs to be mocked. Made into a social pariah...and yet muslims where possible, embraced so they realize we accept them in spite of their religion, not because of it. This will not happen until the establishment seperate the ideology from the people and stop pushing nonsense like Islam is a race.

The AA does a pretty good reaction from 7:00 in. Even says its OK to desecrate the koran. - just dont try that in the UK though. Here apparently burning voodoo promoting fiction novels is a crime. A bloody imprisonable crime (and that shit cameron has the shamelessness to talk about preserving freedom of expression)



Still, I guess we should be happy Dhimmi Dave hasnt re-introduced the death penalty for this.

Even my usually apolitical Dad said earlier he's looking into getting a t-shirt printed with the cartoon on it!

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I think you're both right.

This is another in a long line of threats which have little material impact - except reducing my everyday freedoms because we allow governments to use them as an excuse to do so. It is a tiny minority of religion inspired nut jobs - and it's as simple as that. I stay off Twitter because frankly the law is a total ass at the moment on it. One obviously acerbic, satirical or ironic remark -and you can find yourself on the wrong side of what seem to be inconsistently applied and moving goal posts.

I stopped watching TV news a year ago or so - because frankly it's toxic - and the 24 hour rolling stuff (particularly around major incidents like this) is even more so. The same images are repeated over and over again - and slowly the fear, dread and perhaps hatred of the perps creeps in. Online news not so bad as you can be more selective - and a quick glance at the home page of most sites tells you as much as you actually need (or want) to know.

I am libertarian- and rather a lefty too (my political views are quite close to anarchist). And this incident is something of a wake up call of what we could be sleepwalking into. There's never been wholly free speech. You can't go around making threats that invoke fear in the recipient and expect to retain your freedom, for example. I do think that regardless of how offended I might be of someone like Griffin's views that he should be able to express them and they can be debated or ridiculed as appropriate (I'm not offended by Griffin). For me too - comedy and satire is sacrosanct. If you are funny, you can and should be able to get away with a lot (and that's even if I don't find you funny). Clarkson is a good case in point. I doubt we personally have a lot in common - but he's funny and intelligent - and in spite of having no car or really any interest in them, I'll occasionally watch and enjoy his show as he's cleverly blended humour and information to appeal to the everyman.

Personally, I think religion is load of rubbish, even though I also find it fascinating and enjoy the company of many practitioners while learning about their beliefs. But is also up for the same debate and ridicule as any other lifestyle or belief while recognising people's right to peacefully practice it. Now Charlie's particular comic battle is not one I feel i want to fight - but I absolutely agree with their right to wage it and without threat. Massive own goal on the part of the perps too - as it'll probably provoke exactly the opposite response in a place like France to the one they likely hope for.

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'Terrorism' is clearly not a serious threat to us. If it were the politicians would be playing it down not hyping it up. Same with Ebola.

I find a lot of what we are told about various groups, including the latest one, ISIS, very unlikely.

For example, ISIS pops up out of obscurity after being funded, trained and equiped by the CIA (as they have since admitted) to fight on the rebels side in the Syrian civil war. Then after they get kicked out by the other Syrian rebel groups, 800 of them manage to take over and hold large chuncks of Iraq despite being lightly armed (mostly assault rifles and machine guns).

ISIS then goes to some lengths to apparently commit war crimes and publicly release video evidence of same, providing a convenient excuse for NATO especially US/UK to get involved militarily in Iraq again.

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