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Wwii Air Crash Investigates - Duke Of Kent And Hess

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Just watching this now on Yesterday TV about the crash that killed the Duke of Kent.


Who according to this was a rather colourful character and was the first Royal to die in a conflict for 400 years.

The show is looking at the conspiracy theories surrounding the crash.

Why is Hess mentioned, it seems there's talk that the suggestion is he was involved in some sort of secret peace attempt that the Duke was involved in with Hess. And that the Hess held after the war wasn't actually the real one!


There's this book which I presume puts forward one of the Hess theories and there's a interview with the authors here: http://www.eyespymag.com/intv.html

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IIRC Kent supposedly posed as a Nazi sympathiser to lure and trap Hess. The ruse went wrong when Hess was himself shot down.

IIRC Hess jumped out of his plane, rather than being shot down. I have no insight into whether he intended to do so all along or intended to somehow land a fighter on a RAF airfield in the middle of the night.

Again IIRC, a British doctor helped start the ball rolling on the suggestion that a Hess double was locked up in Spandau; based on amongst other things Hess#2(?)'s chest X-rays (or maybe just an external examination) showing no signs of the chest wound Hess#1 suffered in WW1.

The Hess double scenario might explain why Hess#2(?) claimed to be suffering from amnesia during the Nuremberg trials, and also Goering (again IIRC) snickering and taking the p1ss out of Hess#2(?) during the trials.

fwiw I think it's unlikely a character like Hess would take such an outside punt, and without Hitler's knowledge. The Nazis did want to make peace with Britain, and elements of the British establishment were equally keen. The 'appeasement' policy of the 1930s was just as much about keeping a strong, not communist, buffer between W. Europe and the Soviets, as being a bunch of pussies.

If there was something more going on, say a no holds barred struggle between pro and anti-peace elements in the British establishment, it's one of those stories that is probably lost to history. There'll be no written records for that sort of thing. Allegedly, Anthony Blunt and other SIS officers were right up there in the front lines in 1945, hoovering up the German archives for traces of anything spicy.

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Interesting that Hess should come up, I'm just about to read this book by David Irving.


I saw him speaking about it briefly and it piqued my interest - the official story is that Hess committed suicide by hanging himself, but at the time he was very frail and couldn't tie his own shoelaces or raise his arms above his shoulders. The ligature marks were also apparently inconsistent with hanging.

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