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Indefinite Tenancies

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Tenants in the private rented sector should be given new rights to stay in their home as long as they want, according to Civitas.
The think tank also suggested that tenants should receive guarantees that their rent will not increase above inflation.

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If institutions become L/Ls then lifetime tenancies will work.

It's suddenly all got a media head of steam hasn't it.

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A good idea, whether institutional landlords or not. Too many amateurs claim to be in it for the long term, but plan to bin tenants at a time of their choosing in future to go and live there themselves or cash in a sale etc. It will likely result in fewer rental properties, seen as a key metric of policy failure by Tory rentiers, but if that means more homes for sale then great. it might also get potential landlords to focus on the net yields rather than some HPI gamble with tenants covering the antes too. Not all landlords are like this of course, but there are enough late entrant BTLers to cause issues imo. They need purged from the system.

Labour's policy detail on three year tenancies needs looking at- their website is pretty vague on the Manifesto wording, but the original announced policy back in April was bad news for tenant security.

Edit, as if by magic:

Added by GB on 2015-01-05 09:44:43

If tenants want to stay in their homes they should buy instead of renting.

The property may be their home but it still belongs to the landlord who has to pay the mortgage and for the general upkeep. If the landlords circumstances change and they need to sell where would that leave them with indefinite tenancies. If something like this came in I for one would have to sell my 5 properties and I would imagine thousands of other landlords would do the same. Will Civitas along with Shelter and Generation Rent find new homes for all these newly homeless tenants!

Precisely. Sell up, you ****.

Edited by Joan of The Tower

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Some of us have been saying that ...

Abolish Section 21. Keep the equivalent powers for owners letting their own home (e.g. while on secondment abroad), but take it out of the shorthold tenancy. And as a quid pro quo for landlords, see if they can help expedite the process for getting rid of a delinquent tenant.

Wasn't it like this before about 1990 when they changed the UK tenancy laws?

The 1977 rent acts led to a catastrophic situation, which will doubtless be used as a precedent to argue it'll never work. But it doesn't have to be bungled like that!

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All talk .... as soon as the election is over and done it will be forgotten about. Too many MPs are landlords for any changes that benefit tenants, but they need to play the game for the next few months to try and win some votes.

I'm inclined to agree. It all sounds great but I won't believe it until it happens.

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