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Us - How Much Was Misspent On Food Stamps In 2014

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This year the U.S. Department of Agriculture misspent $2.4 billion on food stamps, according to a November report from the USDA Office of Inspector General.

“Misspending” means the USDA gave a household either more or less food stamp benefits than it should have received. Historical data shows most misspending results in overpayments.

Although $2.4 billion may be a relatively small portion of overall food stamp spending, that fact itself should raise concerns. Food stamps is a massive program costing roughly $80 billion in fiscal year 2013, up from approximately $40 billion in fiscal year 2008 and less than $20 billion in fiscal year 2000.

Part of the increase in spending can be traced to the recession, but a lot is related to policies that have made it easier for people to get on food stamps and remain there. Even as the economy improves, the cost of the food stamps program is projected to remain near record levels.


Got to love the word misspent. So misspending means you can give too much or too little!!! Although I wonder how many times misspent is used when the figure is an underspend?

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In political circles lying is misspeaking, e.g.

Insider financial theft is often called misappropriation unlike, for example, actually stealing a bottle of water.

Soon we shall be using euphemisms such as misliving for dying, misflying for pilot error, etc....

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