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Self-Build & Custom Housebuilding Bill 2014-15 Debated Today 2.30Pm

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Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Bill debated at 2.30pm Room 9 Westminster


Bill - http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2014-2015/0016/cbill_2014-20150016_en_1.htm



Place a duty on local authorities to keep a register of individuals and
community groups who have expressed an interest in acquiring land to bring
forward self-build and custom-build projects and to take account of and make
provision for the interests of those on such registers in developing their
housing initiatives and their local plans;

to allow volume house builders to
include self-build and custom-build projects as contributing towards their
affordable housing obligations, when in partnership for this purpose with a
Registered Social Landlord; and for connected purposes.

1Registers of persons seeking to acquire land to build a home

(1)Each relevant authority must keep a register of

(a)individuals, and

(associations of individuals (including bodies corporate that exercise functions
5on behalf of associations of individuals),

who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land in the authority’s area in order to build
houses for those individuals to occupy as homes.

(2)Each relevant authority must publicise its register under this section.

(3)Relevant authorities are—

(a)10district councils;

(county councils in England so far as they are councils for an area for
which there are no district councils;

©London borough councils;......... more

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A step in the right direction but this bit below is a bit worrying,had a quick skim read still looks like you will have to jump through more hoops than a circus pony just to be accepted on the register, is it then down to the council to find and release the land at their leisure ?

3(1)The regulations may make provision about a person’s eligibility to be
entered on a register.

(2)30The regulations may include provision relating to—

(a)the circumstances of an individual, including provision about age,
nationality and connections to an area;

( B)the type of house intended to be built;

©an individual’s ability to fund the acquisition of the land and the
35building of the house;

(d)an individual’s intentions as regards occupation of the house.

edit ...Have not got a clue why the emotion con appears ,,,,,Doc wrote in HTML?

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They have a planning system like that in Ireland, if you local and your family owns land (more than likely) then you get automatic permission to build on your land.

It lead to the housing boom and houses being built in the middle of nowhere, rather than in towns where the housing is needed.

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