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Investment Trusts Versus Funds?!?


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Been thinking for a long time about investing in Investment Trusts, or Funds..... Trouble is theres too much choice!! Anyway I keep getting recommendations that Investment Trusts are the way to go however I have the following questions/observations if anyone would like to comment?

1) Investment Trusts were favoured in the past due to their lower fees (circa 0.7% rather than 1.5% in a Fund).... However, has this difference been removed since the RDR in January 2014 (if you go for a "clean" Fund)?

2) For buying an IT you pay the standard share dealing charge (£5 to £15) whereas a Fund is normally free to buy from a Fund Supermarket, so therefore.... If you buy monthly (to get the benefit of pound cost averaging) then you will pay a lot of dealing commission to buy your ITs?

So to me those things seem to level the playing field or maybe even tilt it in favour of Funds??

What do people think?

And then of course comes the question of which ITs or which Funds?!!!! (maybe that's a question for another day!).


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