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So; A Central Banker Walks Into A Bar....

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...and shouts 'Free Drinks all round!'

It is like in a bar, which is full. When the bartender offers beer for free, only those standing directly at the bar get the beer. Those further away not. Then the guys at the bar, ask for more because the guys at the other end of the room did not get anything – but drink it again themselves. In todays world the guys standing at the bar are the bankers and the governments, the rest of us is at the other end of the room and do not benefit. We can only see financial speculation going on but no revival of the real economy.


George Bush said that Wall Street got drunk and created a crisis- the solution the Central Banks came up with was to offer them free beer.

Epic Fail.

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... and gets his bankster mates to take out a loan to buy the pub, he has free drinks all day, leaves the loan with the pub that he has just bought and takes £5,000,000 quid as a bonus for doing gods work. He then buys a taxi firm for the lift home.

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They're clearly getting desperate now, not a week goes by without some central bank mafioso flapping his gums in public over QE. Draghi's turn again today.

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