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Heath Copied Labour - And Look What Happened

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Simon Heffer, Telegraph, 7-12-2005

Mr Brown dishonestly blamed the rise in oil prices for the slump in growth when he made his statement on Monday. The real reasons are instead to be found in the consumer slowdown caused by the shrinking disposable incomes of the British people - they are not just being taxed more, but are being forced to start to repay the mountain of debt that Mr Brown encouraged them to run up because of his cavalier approach to the money supply. Also, as the OECD has pointed out in a recent report, if you remove funds from the private sector that might be used for economically stimulating activities such as investment or consumption, and spend them instead on recruiting new Labour voters to Mr Brown's client state, the consistently improved productivity on which growth relies becomes an object of fantasy.

More and more recognition of the mess we're in. Slightly more sensible grasp of economics in the Torygraph than in the Times, I'm afraid (though they are a tad biased ;) )

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Press sentiment has changed so quickly regarding Crash Gordon - it seems that only over the past few weeks he has turned from being the iron chancellor to a bit of a clueless f*ckwit who has done untold damage to the UK economy

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