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Bicester Chosen As New Garden City With 13,000 Homes


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Bicester chosen as new garden city with 13,000 homes

Bicester in Oxfordshire has been chosen as the site for the coalition's second new garden city, government sources have confirmed.

Up to 13,000 new homes are due to be built on the edge of the town, as part of the coalition's plans to help deal with the UK's housing shortage.

"I can confirm the government is putting its support behind Bicester," Treasury spokesperson told the BBC.

An official announcement is expected on Tuesday.

Beeb link

A piss in the ocean...but every little helps I guess (assuming it ever gets past the NIMBYs).

Great to see the Govt give it's backing......6 months before the election, years after 'michael' shapps was mumbling on about it, knowing full well not a single brick will be laid for years and years no doubt.

Still I'm sure it'll give the local Ukip campaign a boost, which is at least something.

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If Bicester proceeds as fast as Ebbsfleet Garden City then expect about 150 new homes to be built over the next 10 years.

And indeed what is a "garden city" these days.

Is it new homes each with a garden or is it something more like


UK people should at least be given the details of what style is proposed. Maybe Mr Osborne will enlighten tomorrow during his Autumn statement.

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So will they all have big gardens?

Maybe it's psychological, few will protest about a dreamy leafy Garden City.

But perhaps I want to live in a new Concrete City?

I for one have no desire to be forced into a suburban cul-de-sac miles from public transport and become totally car-dependent.

Whoever comes up with these ideas is stuck in a mindset more suited to the last century.

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13000 homes... or roughly 6 weeks worth of net migration. In exchange for £100m (according to Daily Telegraph) of public money.

They need to think much *much* bigger than this... at least one order of magnitude.

You mean they should spend £1bn of public money on 1300 homes?

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Two points spring to mind.

1. These houses will mainly be for sale. What will the prices be and who is going to be able to afford them?

2. Where are the people living in them going to work, in order to meet the mortgage repayments (or rents)?

The price will be what it costs to buy one

And people will work for employers, like

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I Went past this site last week, and indeed they have already built quite a lot of homes and lots of new roads around and through the site, and it appears to have some already lived in. so good news, although I can see it getting rather too busy around Bicester village, once the number of houses increases. I am not sure where people will commute to for work.

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Bicester is just 6 miles from Chipping Norton (Dave's home village)

Also, it seems SamCam has holdings in the company that will be responsible for this development. Dave reckons he “forgot" to mention it on the register of members’ interests.

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