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If You're Under 30, Bad Luck. You're Screwed

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If you’re under 30, old people have stolen your future. And what’s worse, you let them do it.

This sounds like a sweeping generalisation. And, of course, we could argue over the details. But, bold and unshaded though this statement is, it’s pretty much true. On one hand there has been a huge intergenerational transfer of wealth upwards. And, on the other, the people who are have been the beneficiaries of this transfer have left unpaid bills all over the shop. So yes, Philip Larkin was right: your parents did f—k you up. As for how you let them, we’ll come to that.

In a nutshell, they’ve shafted you financially. It’s a depressingly familiar list: property, pensions, the NHS, further education, student debt, the national debt and so on. They built a giant, towering pyramid scheme to ensure they had lovely lives and they’re now spending their gold-plated pensions on exotic holidays; the boom in the cruise industry over the last decade is no accident.

Meanwhile, you live in a tiny shared rented flat in Zone 4, working in a job whose wages are so meagre it may as well be in internship. Worries about your own pension don’t really come into it: you’re more concerned about next month’s rent which, of course, is funding some 57-year old’s third buy to-let-investment. In seven years time, when you’ll be finally earning the national average wage, you can start paying off that £40k of student debt you racked up for that useless degree that Tony Blair told you would be your passport to the good life.

It’s hardly surprising that Russell Brand is calling for revolution. Brand is clearly on to something because recently there has been a concerted effort to rebrand him (sorry) as a nincompoop and his followers as naïve. For what it’s worth, I do think he’s a bit of a fool. However, to write him off is also naïve. In his excellent analysis in the FT, Michael Skapinker notes that Brand has more Twitter followers than the FT and Wall Street Journal combined, and concludes “[His] revolution is not going to happen, but many of his criticisms resonate – and not just with his credulous fans.” [more at link]

Enjoy!! :)


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