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Ferguson, St Louis

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Following the recent shooting of a resident and subsequent riots, an announcement is due any day as to whether the authorities will prosecute the US policeman involved.

Word is that the shot man did rush the police and the policeman fired in self-defence, and the dead man was, unknown to the policeman, a suspect in an earlier robbery.

I have heard that massed National Guard military-type vehicles have amassed outside the town, and one resident was even prosecuted for tweeting about it and revealing the location.

The militarisation of domestic US law enforcement sounds really excessive.

This could get nasty.

From the Beeb:

Michael Brown: Missouri governor activates National Guard

The governor of the US state of Missouri has activated the state's National Guard in anticipation of a grand jury decision over the killing of an unarmed black teenager.

In a statement, Jay Nixon said the guard will "support law enforcement's efforts to maintain peace".

A panel is deciding whether to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the August death of Michael Brown, 18.

No specific date for the jury's decision has been given.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by Mr Wilson in August after a confrontation in Ferguson, a majority-black suburb of St Louis.

His death set off protests, sometimes violent, in the area. Ferguson police and other law enforcement were criticised for being heavily armed and using excessive force during protests.

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I just checked the weather forecast for Ferguson...


It's not really looting weather.

Hmmm, militarised police going OTT against a mob of people who want to see someone lynched, irrespective of whatever the evidence says.

It wouldn't make for a very good movie. What with the absence of any obvious heroes and all.

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