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Boe - Morons Or Liars

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IMHO, They must either be liars ( fraudsters ) or morons....whichever it is we need to get rid of them as they are clearly not fit for anything other than political skulduggery and as a political front for the banking system.

The BoE are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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Carney is clearly a devious lier and this is exactly the reason his devious lying masters in the NASTI party employed him.

Apart from a dozen key people the rest of the BOE are just just sheep turning up for the 9-5 and don't have a clue.

There are no accidents, everything they have done including the FFL aimed at property is deliberate policy.

The 0.5% base rates are deliberate policy.

Not raiding rates is deliberate policy.

BOE and the government have different agendas, BOE's agenda is to ensure that banks are profitable (at our expense) and the governments agenda is simply to be re-elected and deflect and problems onto Labour and UKIP.

No body in charge really gives a flying feck about the economy or others wellbeing because they have to much money and are so far detached from reality any melt down won;t affect them and their families.

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Greedy short termists. Like everyone else.

Why rock the boat when its paying for your lifestyle.

Didnt the RBS whistleblower do the right thing and get fired for his efforts? Being honest is a crime in 21st century UK.

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Fools or knaves?

COMPASS, the BoE's static, near-equilibrium forecasting model is scientifically illiterate garbage - it assumes, absurdly, that all movements of the endogenous variables away from the steady state are ultimately caused by random exogenous shocks.

Naturally, as the BoE's forecasts are often wildly errant, they're habitually obliged to cover up their mistakes. Whatever the outcome nobody gets fired.

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