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My Favourite Scabby 'for Sale'


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Five years since it was put on the market, still unsold. By now, anyone local who might have been interested will have looked, shaken their head and moved on. Which leaves incomers. Yeah, right - see you in another five years....

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Five years since it was put on the market, still unsold. By now, anyone local who might have been interested will have looked, shaken their head and moved on. Which leaves incomers. Yeah, right - see you in another five years....

Id guess No1 saw No3 up for Sale in 2008

Great! Buy both houses, redevelop £££££££££££££

12 years later ist been sold for 10k less than they bought it plus the mortgage and running costs.

Council tax alone and utilities will have been ~1500/y

Pretty painful.




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Its got more than its fair share of ex-cons, living in old B+B, now HMO flop houses.

The town needs to zone out all HMOs from within 2 miles of the seafront.

 Still laughing at your 2016 reply



A flophouse (American English), doss-house, or dosshouse (British English) is considered a derogatory term for a place that offers very low cost lodging, providing space to sleep and minimal amenities.[1]


 thought the term might be derived from 'hangover'


Get pissed at the pub then pay 2p to sleep on a rope in a dosshouse - sounds lke a plan!     

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If it were in South Ken I would buy it - but nowhere else not for that price!

And this is the problem, not just in Scabby.

Pick a town, Look for the local median income.

60% of locals earn that or less.

You want house prices to go up in an MMR world?

Then you need to get employment and earnings up. Thats it, nothing else works.

Gormless councillors spouting rubbish:


As part of its ‘Build a Better Borough’ programme the authority is exploring how it can deliver better quality and increased numbers of affordable homes to buy and rent within the borough.

The council’s 2018-2021 Housing Strategy set a target to help facilitate the development of an additional 820 affordable homes over a five-year period.

To date, 525 affordable homes have been completed, with up to a further 350 due to complete by March 2021.

In an area where house prices have not shifted for ~16 years (they are down ~30% in real terms).

'Fixing' the housing market by building a load of cheap tiny houses is like putting out a fire by throwing petrol on.

All thats happening in these new crappy estates is 20% go to social housing, another ~50% have been bought by idiot IO BT, whove put in more social tenants so youve got an estate way out, 70% of people with no money and loads of kids.

The few daft f-fffers whove actually bought to live in find themselves in a dumping estate, so sell up within a year.

Cllr Liz Colling, cabinet member for Inclusive Growth, said: “We are absolutely committed to helping people in our communities get a high quality and affordable home for life, to buy or rent.

“The housing market is broken and we are determined to do all we can to give our residents every opportunity by exploring new and innovative ways of delivery.

“This initiative will enable us to create an aspirational, fairer and more inclusive society.”

OK, heres my suggestions - do stuff within the LAs remit:

1) Lower council the bare minmum - aim for 30% lower in 5 years, that'll release a good ~400/y for young home buyers.

2) Stop housing benefit scum from outside the area. They cost a fortune and ruin the less good schools.

3) Aim at getting a few schools in the UK top performing, to attract people with jobs.

The Scabby housing market is working correctly - only houses that local can buy are selling.




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On 29/01/2018 at 16:19, spyguy said:


But only for one day ...


I look at listings on righmove..

Then I enter the postcode into houseprices.io.

To say there's a bit of gap is an understatement.....

I like this place


but not the price.

I think the owners will leav in a box rather than a removal van.

Down 50k


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