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Energy Bills - Proving It Wasn't Me.

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Me and the missus began renting our place in January of this year and we took electricity and gas meter readings.

What we didn't know, however, was that the previous tenants were on an economy 7 tarriff. The meter display is LCD and so we only recorded one reading, in the low 3000s. Turns out this was the night time tarriff and when I got my first bill in April it was a lot higher than I imagined, they were working off estimates. So I gave them an updated meter reading for the night time leccy, and called up to find out what the higher one was. And there I learned about economy 7.

I gave them an updated meter reading and it brought our bill way down. I thought nothing of it until our next bill came through really high and what I realised at that point was that the initial reading that they closed the old tenants' account at was significantly lower than what we (probably) moved in at. I don't know the gap in the tenancies but clearly we have paid for it in our electricity bill.

Our landlord is absolutely fantastic and is always asking us to let him know if anything is wrong as doing handy work "keeps him busy" and we had no issues in him paying off the additional gas bill during the empty tenancy. So I'm certain that the meter reading thing was an honest mistake.

Now, at the end of the day it's "only" a hundred quid or so and I'm glad I worked it out earlier in my life than later! Is there a reasonable way to try to "prove" it or is it a lesson to be learned.

I'd want to take this up with the utility company rather than the landlord, by the way.

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The only way I know, if I am understanding you correctly is to read both meters when you move in (take a snap shot of them too) and work it out as accurately as possible, when your next reading comes around. depending on the tariff you might need a degree in astrophysics though to work it out.

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First of all, you say you have gas in the property so I assume your heating is gas. You should not be on an Econ 7 tariff as it will be more expensive for you. You are getting a cheap night rate, where you probably dont even use that much, then a more expensive than typical day rate, when you are using most. You are almost certainly better off on a single rate. You dont need a new meter for that.

When you called up to take over the account did they talk about that with you? Or is it in the landlords name?

Anyway, the odd thing about what you say is that when you found out about Econ 7, you gave them the updated readings (for day and night I assume), then your bill came way down. So that sounded like the problem had been solved at that point. If those readings were accepted, and your bill came way down, then there is no reason for it to have gone way up again. Meaning there probably wasnt much usage in between tenants. Which makes me wonder if something has gone wrong with your latest readings again.

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