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Lifes a game

Boe Says Raise Rates Now, Or Not...

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Probably deliberate. Too many VI used to cuddles and bailouts. Dep Gov Broadbent also stepping back from the wider view that BoE decides everything in economy.. creates jobs, sets asset prices etc etc.

Central Banks Ending Era Of Clear Promises, Return To 'artful' Policy
Jul 07 2014

The world's major central banks are returning to a more opaque and artful approach to policymaking, ending a crisis-era experiment with explicit promises that they found risked their credibility and did not substitute for action.

From Washington to London to Tokyo, the global shift from transparency to flexibility underscores the challenges central bankers face as they test the limits of what monetary policy can achieve.

The return to a more traditional policymaking approach and nuanced statements will challenge the communication skills of central bankers who have been chastened in the last year after some too-specific messages confused and disrupted financial markets.


There was no single message, but rather a succession of contradictory signals, pulling the syntax of
the game to and fro and to and fro until the common understanding the other players had reached began
to fatigue and tear and split.

-Player of Games.

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Doubt we will take the lead in this, desperately trying to balance the odds by purposely confusing the situation......up to others to lead, we will reluctantly follow them. ;)

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BOE Yesterday says

And today they say

To be fair its Cunliffe vs McCafferty speaking but seems like they'll still be split for some time.

It's Schrodinger economics.

We are going to both keep rates low for longer and raise rates soon.

Whilst the economy continues to create real wealth for working people whilst incomes fall

and we undergo fiscal austerity whilst growing the budget deficit.

For heaven sake don't ever observe the economy though, it will pop the quantum bubble.

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I know it's a cliche round here, but watch what they do, not what they say.

Words coming out of a mouth is not the same as actions. I'd like to see a fan chart of their predictions for when they'd raise interest rates.

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