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Sad but not entirely unexpected news given the beating he seems to have given his body over the years.

A great, great bass player and a pretty good vocalist and songwriter to boot.In the latter capacity he often worked with the underrated Pete Brown as lyricist. People who think his career just stopped when Cream broke up should check out his solo work beginning with Songs of a Tailor. I was lucky enough to catch a Jack Bruce Band gig in the late 1970s and I can vouch for his brilliance as a live performer.

I think what limited his wider popularity is that he was essentially a jazz not a rock performer which means his music was never going to be mainstream once he left Cream. He worked with a lot of decent guitarists over the years including not only Clapton, but Gary Moore and Robin Trower to name just a couple. He will be missed and unfortunately he is not likely to be replaced.

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