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I've A Confession To Make I Have Not Had A Dog Tv Licence Since 1992

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My two dogs haven't been licenssed since the boxer called Sandy, who was licensed in 1958 for 7/6. [that's 7 shillings and 6 pence to you babes - 37.5 new pence!!!]

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Since the demise of the dog license I have always wondered how you stand about running one over with a car

IIRC it used to be that you could kill one in the town, because dogs had to be on leads in built up areas,

But you couldn't kill one in the countryside where dogs didn't have to be on leads

and it was all due to dogs being property as you paid for a license.

Can you now run dogs over fearlessly ?

Running over cats has never been a problem, anywhere

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Mrs Renting looks exactly as I imagined. I'm sure "Dog TV" licences would be available if the Government were slightly more barking.

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Oh аrsе, I left 'TV' in the thread title.
Courtesy of the BBC I've just learned something about TV for dogs..

One important factor has to do with the way the dog's eye works. The canine eye is designed to efficiently detect movement. The image on a standard television screen is updated and redrawn 60 times a second. Since a human's flicker resolution ability is only 55Hz, the image appears continuous and the gradually changing images give us the illusion of movement.

Since dogs can discern flickers at 75Hz, a television screen probably appears to be rapidly flickering to them. A flickering image would obviously appear to be less real, and thus many dogs do not direct much attention to it.

And something about dog owners...

People are sometimes surprised to find that although their dog responds when there is a dog on the screen, or perhaps some other animal running swiftly, it does not respond to cartoon images of dogs.

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